My business is to grow your business

Delivering campaigns that generate high-quality leads, build partnerships and win new business!

What I Deliver For Clients

Strategy Consultant Alex Gash


Uncover and understand the core issues that are restricting growth. I collaborate with your teams to reveal short, medium and longterm strategies.


We all want to do everything as soon as possible. It’s human nature. Planning marketing and sales activities increase your chances of success.


Marketing in the our COVID world is core to business survival. Marketing helps you build your brand visibility and ensure you are top of mind.

Lead Generation

Leads need to be treated like gold bullions. Finding high quality leads is a challenge. I can source, nurture and convert leads into customers.


Closing deals has never been more challenging. Thanks to COVID, the sales playbooks of the past no longer apply. Prepare your teams for 2021.

Data & CRM Consultant Alex Gash


Data is everywhere, in your CRM, on your website, in your email marketing suite. We are bombarded with data. I can help you structure your data.

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I support companies in finance, tech, marketing and more.

Entrepreneurship In Practice

I not only consult for my clients, I also practice what I preach. Delivering business ventures in sectors that interest me

WFH Office Shop

A marketplace focused on products dedicated to our new WFH era.

Podcast Project

Secret squirrel. Podcast project for content creators & influencers.

CIoT Project

A health-tech CIoT project. Currently looking for development and licensing partners.

I’m Alex

Founder @ The Difference Group.

I collaborate with startup, scale-up and corporates enabling you to scale, grow and solve complex business problems.

Delivering across strategy, marketing and sales disciplines.

Recent Guest Posts

Marketing is about building reputation and creating a narrative around things that you are passionate about. I write about topics that are current, interest me and build all important SEO backlinks.

Sentispec ViraHawk Fever Screening

We are in a new world war, with a common enemy. However, the frontline is not on the beaches of Normandy, the plains of Russia or the Pacific islands but in the homes, offices, hospitals and care homes of every country in the world. 

Since I was very young, my parents always told me not to judge a book by its cover. Diversity has many creeds and colours. We are all diverse.

My Blog

I write about strategy, marketing, sales, technology, occasionally my surf travels and life on Exmoor.

By Alex Gash

Everyone loves a great story. We all aspire to lead wealthier, more fulfilling lives. For some, wealth is becoming a celebrity. For others, it is building a family – and for many, it is seeking business success.

By Alex Gash

I am looking at the EasyJet sales again! In this article, I go through how the travel industry will change in a post-COVID world.

CIoT The Next Frontier In Consumer Technology

By Alex Gash

In an ever-connected world, we’re accustomed to having the internet on our phones, on our computers and our tablets. However, a new wave of connected devices is slowly encroaching into our daily lives.

The XQ-58A Valkyrie demonstrator

By Alex Gash

Whoever gets AI supremacy in the ground, air and cyber war. Will dictate terms for the foreseeable future.

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