The Difference Newsletter – Issue 1

Postitive Perspectives

Welcome to the business slapathon, where whenever you progress, you get pushed to the floor – over and over again. Being a resilient, young-ish almost 30-year-old, this is fine. I get back on the horse, say it’s a learning experience and move on. That said, in the current climate, I feel like it’s time to talk about positivity. 

We all thrive on positive thinking – beyond the stock market, which has gone into cuckoo-land. Positive thinking builds confidence, which helps small businesses invest, enables consumers to buy more and allows the job market to flourish.

COVID is one thing that has reshaped our world. Forever. You know this. I know this. We all know this — the end. I don’t want to lecture you about its impact on our society, our culture, businesses and economic situation. As an extrovert, I find this confined isolation torturous. Although, I am riding it out in Somerset, which is not the worst place to be.

Positive things can come out of bad situations. I have fallen back in love with reading. Here are some of the reads I have had my nose in over the past month:

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

In-distractable by Nir Eyal

How to Get Rich – Felix Denis (Founder of Denis Publishing)

Female Success – The Secret Success Of Female Entrepreneurs – Ruth Saunders & John Smythe

I have picked up a sport – cycling. Don’t worry though, I am not quite ready for my lycra or snazzy bike yet!

The Difference Newsletter

Making a positive difference – Week 1

We are continuously fed fears, worries and stories about cataclysmic events by our news feeds, LinkedIn, on phone calls with friends and colleagues. There is an abject lack of positive thought.

This newsletter aims to inspire you to get going and growing. It’s going to spread a warm and positive feeling. I hope you’ll then want to share that positivity with those around you.

The newsletter will support entrepreneurs in my direct network and beyond, all doing amazing things. DM me if you have something planned.

Most of all, I hope it will entertain you. No one likes reading dull copy. Ughhhhh.

Difference In My Network.

CatchApp Hits Target Ahead Of Schedule

CatchApp Meeting Scheduler Crowdcube

CatchApp is leading the charge on sorting out all three of your life’s schedules (work, home and social). Through its smart scheduling technology via their mobile app and new business tools, the CatchApp team has created an incredible experience that makes coordinating your meetings a breeze. Some small businesses are saving over 12 hours a week from client appointments using CatchApp! The team smashed its crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube on its 3rd day. Nice work Andreas, and team.

COVID Pivoting Perfection

Covid Pivoting Perfection - Saint + Sofia

Clothing entrepreneurs Dessi Bell + Malcolm Bell. Launched clothing brain Saint + Sofia on January 1st 2020. Need I say more.

Difference Out Of My Network

ARRIVAL Delivers UPS Vehicles On Time.

Focus on your niche and rock it. UK based EV (electronic vehicle) maker ARRIVAL has done just this. Creating custom spec coach-built EVs for a wide range of corporates within the delivery space.

Learning During Lockdown

How To Innovate and Stay Relevant In Times Of Change & Uncertainty.

Dave Birss - How To Innovate and Stay Relevant In Times Of Change & Uncertainty.

The concept of this newsletter manifested as a need to stay relevant and change with the times. I saw Dave Birss speak when I was an Account Executive at my first job at Nice Agency. He is an excellent source of inspiration for creative thinking. I would recommend following his profile and reading his books. Here is his latest course on LinkedIn… it is also free:

Positivity Haiku

When beaming smiles

Bring us all together

The world is better

The Difference Newsletter

Making a positive difference.

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