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UK Marketplace OnBuy Achieves 24000% Growth In 4 Years

A lot of impressive stuff is happening in the South-West of the UK at the moment.

Where could you imagine the next Amazon being born? London, Manchester, Bristol? No, apparently it is in Poole, Dorset.

Yes, Dorset.

What Is OnBuy?

OnBuy is a UK online marketplace packed with great prices on millions of products from thousands of online retailers.

The Story

Cas Paton, the founder at OnBuy, started the business to offer retailers a fairer, more transparent platform to sell their products to buyers.

London based, Fuel Ventures backed OnBuy to the tune of £5 million in their Series A.

Has COVID Impacted The Business?

During COVID, OnBuy recorded growth of 600% in 2020 – despite a worldwide slowdown in economic growth. This follows a 600% increase in 2019 and a 500% increase in both 2017 to 2018. Now that is winning.

Key Stats

Team Size – 50 and growing see the OnBuy job board

Growth Rate – 24,000% GMV growth | Over 4 Years

Product Range / SKUs – 50 million

Unique Site Visits – 4 million

Retail Without Borders Awards – Winner

The Growth Plans 📈

Cas Paton Founder & CEO @ OnBuy

OnBuy’s founder and CEO, Cas Paton, commented,

“These incredible growth figures are evidence that the market desperately needed a marketplace like OnBuy that, through creating an eCommerce ecosystem that benefits online retailers and customers equally, can provide a sustainable long-term solution to selling and shopping online.”

“We’ve evidently found the right formula for success: we’re already running at £120m in sales and we haven’t even launched globally yet. Ahead of our phased launch into over 140 countries, where we’ll have the widest reach of any online marketplace, we’re investing heavily in the UK site with a massive Q4 planned. We expect to 5x our millions-strong audience this year, which will further accelerate our 24,000% growth. We’re projecting a turnover of £2 billion in sales by 2024, and we’re set to claim 3-5% of the £84bn UK eCommerce market in the next three years.”

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