The Difference Newsletter – Issue 2

The Power Of Hope

Hope is a powerful force. It emboldens your sense of purpose and drives you towards a mission. It builds your confidence and the confidence of those around you.

Hope on its own can create meaningful ambitions, though it must always be nurtured through strategy, planning, delivery and celebration when hope blossoms into success.

Entrepreneurship is all about hope – hope that one day you will achieve your dreams and goals. Great entrepreneurs back their hope in success with tangible action and planning. 

Teamwork is all about hope. Believing in a mission as a collective and working together to achieve a common goal is crucial to delivering success. 

Without hope.

We are but wanderers without purpose.

It only takes a few fist bump moments to turn anguish into hope. In this business environment, you have to relish those moments as you don’t know when ‘Lady Luck’ will turn against you.

One hopeful philosopher once said ‘hope is not a strategy’, though he didn’t have a strategy to let people know they coined the phrase, which is somewhat ironic. Hope isn’t a strategy but it is a damn good motivator!  

Difference In My Network.

OnBuy Achieves 24000% Growth In 4 Years

A lot of impressive stuff is happening in the south-west at the moment. Companies are making waves literally and metaphorically. 

Where could you imagine the next Amazon being born? London, Manchester, Bristol? No, apparently it is in Poole, Dorset. 

Cas Paton founder at OnBuy started the business to offer retailers a fairer, more transparent platform to their products to buyers. Their Series A is backed by the team @ Fuel Ventures.

Making actual Waves @ The Wave Bristol

Nick Hounsfield had a dream to create an inland surf experience that delivered an incredible consistent wave all year round. Below is a video of their Expert waves… the experience caters to beginners, intermediates and professionals looking to hone their take-offs, carves and paddling. 

Learning During Lockdown

The need to skill up on real skills not just gaming skills

I am not going to lie, I have spent some time contemplating the meaning of life and everything else during the lockdown. As the business world awakens, it is time to get back, skill up and move things along. Below are some useful links to help you develop your skills. I am now a Shopify Partner and taking their product courses and I have also got my Google Analytics qualifications. Whether you are a consultant or an employee, while times are quiet skill up… people don’t want to hear ‘What did you do with your lockdown?’… ‘Erm I got really good at Medieval Total War’ (which I have btw).

A Haiku On Hope

Smouldering embers

Oh, phoenix rise!

The spirit renews

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