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By Alex Gash on 6th February 2021

Everyone loves a great story. We all aspire to lead wealthier, more fulfilling lives. For some, wealth is becoming a celebrity. For others, it is building a family – and for many, it is seeking business success.
CIoT The Next Frontier In Consumer Technology

By Alex Gash on 13th December 2020

In an ever-connected world, we’re accustomed to having the internet on our phones, on our computers and our tablets. However, a new wave of connected devices is slowly encroaching into our daily lives.
The Wave Bristol - Inland Surf Experience

By Alex Gash on 13th September 2020

The Wave Bristol created by Nick Hounsfield. An inland surf experience improving accessibility and providing expert training facilities.
OnBuy.com The Worlds Fastest Growing Marketplace

By Alex Gash on 12th September 2020

Onbuy.com founder Cas Paton is giving Amazon founder Jess Bezos a run for marketplace supremacy. The Dorset based scaleup is making more than just headlines.
Positive Perspectives - The Difference Newsletter

By Alex Gash on 3rd September 2020

Welcome to the business slapathon, where whenever you progress, you get pushed to the floor – over and over again. Being a resilient, young-ish almost 30-year-old, this is fine. I get back on the horse, say it’s a learning experience and move on. That said, in the current climate, I feel like it’s time to talk about positivity.
13 Ways To Optimise Your Landing Pages

By Alex Gash on 26th June 2020

A landing page is a page created without links to your core website. With the sole purpose of getting a visitor to take an action like signup to a newsletter, share a piece of content, buy a product or download a white paper.
The Death Of Retail Is Nigh _ Alex Gash

By Alex Gash on 2nd June 2020

Everyone is now online; Even your granny! For retailers this is shocking….. and, concerning for their future. Coronavirus is the supercharger that has lead many retailers to be forced online and invest rapidly. Or Die.

By Alex Gash on 15th May 2020

Push notifications have been around for a while! You get them on your phone. You may have already received one while being on this site. While they look extremely complicated they are actually very easy to setup.

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