Sales Confidence

The UK’s Largest SaaS Sales Community

B2B Sales, Marketing & Revenue community helping sales professionals be the best they can be through peak performance, mindset and positive wellbeing.

The Strategy

Become the UK’s largest SaaS sales community in the UK

Create a successful events format that showcases top talent in the SaaS community

Make the brand ready to take on sponsorships

The Tactics

Create a strategy across events, marketing, PR and social media

Create, manage and refine the events for the brand

Build the community through the social media, events, newsletter and blog posts

Came up with the concept for the Top 50 SaaS Sales Leaders and Companies Yearly list.

The Results

0 – 1000 newsletter signups in 6 months (organic)

The brand secured sponsorships within the first 6 months

Top 50 SaaS sales leader list launched. 15,000 landing page unique visitors in week one of launch.

Every event we launched sold out. Allowing business to charge for tickets.

Created a loyal following of social media and newsletter subscribers

Day to day – he works fast and delivers. It’s as simple as that.

James Ski


Sales Confidence

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